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Sunday, 27 April 2014

What is Google Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda

Google is the major search engine on which every blog and website depend. Whether its a blogger or a company, both of them have to follow Google rules and regulation if they want to get organic traffic. In order to know how Google search engines work we have to understand its mechanism and algorithms, first. Google was established in 1998 and since from that year till now, Google has updated its algorithm more than 100 times. The latest update which has been updated by Google is Hummingbird, which we will discuss in this post. We will also give a touch to its previous algorithms Penguin and panda.

What is Google Penguin?
The Penguin is Google algorithm which was updated and released in April 2012. After its release small modification was done in its version with the passage of time. Penguin algorithm was used against those sites who were doing spamming activities on the web. This update was affecting only those websites who were involved in the following activities.
Paid links and Poor link building.
Higher Keyword Density.
Keyword Stuffing.
If you want to keep your site safe than be careful and try to avoid the above acts on your site. This algorithm is not involved in crawling or indexing. It was only used for the detection of spam websites.

What Is Google Panda?
The Google Panda algorithm was released before Penguin in Feb 2014. This update was specially updated for those sites which were involved in the below activities.
Sites which were publishing low quality content.
The websites which were stealing content from other sites.
The website which was involved in black hat SEO techniques.
So these were the activities for which Panda was released. I hope that you will avoid such activities, otherwise it will be proved harmful for your site.

What Is Google Hummingbird?
Google Hummingbird was updated at the end of the year 2013. It comes with new strategies and its working now. This update has given a unique shape to Google search system, which make them more advanced. The combination of previous updates has been also added to this update. Following are the new things that has been introduced in this update.
It will know the meaning of each word in the query.
It will be faster than the previous algorithms.
It will work with Latent Semantic Search.
Its Conversational search has become more advanced.
The above are all the details about Google algorithms. There are also some more facts about Hummingbird which I can't discuss in this article. However, I hope that you has understood the basics from this post about Google Algorithms.

From the above information which have derived that Google always need hard working bloggers and webmasters. Without hard work, Google will not reward you. And if anyone goes against their rules and regulations, in result there website will caught with the help of above algorithms and will be penalized.

Friday, 25 April 2014

How To Make Money Online Without a Website - 3 Ways

In early years website was important in order to make money online. But in today's world if you do not have a website, it's not a big deal. Now you can earn huge money without a website. Below are some proven ways to make money online without a website.

1. Find and Sell Affiliate Product
Search for affiliate products on which sale you can make a good commission. You can get good commission on digital products, digital products are defined as those products which are downloadable to the customer computer when they purchase it, like softwares and ebooks. On such products we can make good commission because there is no shipping and inventory.
Get registered on affiliate membership sites. This will give you continues commission than selling a product once and getting paid.
There are two options to sign up, always sign up as a reseller for a product. After sign up, you will be offered an affiliate link, to which you have to invite people to purchase the product. Send the exact affiliate link to the people, don't send any other link because the link which you have been offered is the linked that have a reference to your account. When someone purchases the product through your link, commission will be sent to your account.

2. Get a Domain Name
Get a domain name and redirect it to your affiliate link. You can get a domain name from Godaddy at the price of $9. Godaddy has a feature of redirecting your domain to your affiliate for free. If you have to buy a website then make sure that along with domain name you will also buy a hosting which is very expensive. Domain forwarding allows you to be available in the world of affiliate marketing with only a few dollars.
If you buy a forwarding domain and set it to the affiliate link, now when someone type your .com domain in the address box. They will be redirect to the affiliate link where the user will see the product which you are promoting.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Domain
To make more sale you have to get traffic to your domain. There are two methods for getting traffic, one is paying dollars to advertising company and hope you will get more income than your advertising cost and the other method is getting free traffic. To get free traffic from writing articles that are related to product and submit it to various websites. While writing article do addition of your domain link in the author bio. When your article gets published on the internet, you will be advertising your affiliate link with no cost.

How to Report Invalid Clicks to Google Adsense

Adsense click fraudGoogle Adsense is a PPC (Per Per Click) ad network, which pays you for valid clicks by the visitors on your websites/blogs. The valid clicks actually occur by users’ interest genuinely. Google Ads are very close & relevant to your website’s content. Therefore, users naturally click the ads if they are relevant to the query they were searching for. This is a common sense and Google’s ad network has three major parties, the advertisers who pay money to Google for displaying their ads, the publishers who show Google Ads on their sites, and the users who view the ads. Google has been trying to make a trustful balance among all these parties. And therefore, they give importance to all of them, however, the advertisers’ money is more important to Google, because in the behalf of them the network is running successfully for last 10 years. So Google takes deep care of the clicks received on publishers’ websites. Google closely monitor every single click if it is generated genuinely or generated illegally.

Now the issue is; sometimes invalid activity occurs in your Adsense account which is a painful moment for a loyal and honest publisher. Because you can’t really prevent invalid activity on your websites, The click bombing or sabotage is the another name of fraud clicks on adsense ads. So there are chances if someone is either having jealousy with you or may be your enemy can manually clicks on your Ads without informing you; One might use a software/bot to automatically generate hundreds/thousands of clicks on your ads within few minutes.

What should you do if you received invalid activity in your account?
Google says; you are responsible for your traffic and visitors. And you should take care of your site and the Adsense ads which are being displayed on your sites, but the question is; how can a publisher prevent people from viewing a website? this is actually very very difficult. However, Google has stated that if you receive any kind of click bombing or artificially generated clicks then let us know and we’ll closely monitor your account. So what you need to do is; when you saw unusual activity in your account, you should instantly report that to Google by following given link below:
Report Invalid Activity to Google

The above link is the direct contact form to Adsense, you should fill that form with accurate information about the activity that occurred in your account. Adsense team will do the rest for you.
If you received click bombing or invalid activity on your ads one time then use the above form to let Adsense know about the situation. However, if someone is again and again clicking on your ads then you must take down the ads from the affected website for few days.

I recently attended an online webinar arranged by Adsense team on Google+, I posted two important questions that if a publisher is honestly running his account for more than 2 or 3 years then he should be informed for a policy violation instead of disabling his account at all. And the second important question I posted was; Adsense system should automatically detect invalid activity on any site, and this can be done easily by just ignoring more than 3 or 5 clicks from a certain IP address. And my questions were liked by many other publishers on that webinar.

Last Words
I’m myself an Adsense publisher for last 3 years and have been honestly using it for monetizing my websites and blogs. However, I myself have received invalid activity or click bombing many times on my websites. And each time I’ve reported the invalid activity instantly to Adsense team. And as far as I know you shouldn’t be worried much about invalid activities because this is the way of life, something, sometimes, somewhere goes wrong, though. :D. 

Top 20 Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Earning Revenue

Google Adsense is the most excitable term for a publisher.Every publisher dream to create an Google Adsense account so he can earn some handsome revenue from his blog.But most of the publishers are not getting what they deserve.Due to the lack of guidance they are not taking the full advantage of their Google Adsense account this is the reason why day by day their earning is consistently dropping.

If you apply the correct tips and the possible techniques to your Adsense account you will surely see a big difference in your earning as currently Google Adsense is only advertising program which shares about 68% publisher revenue.

So this is the reason why today we will going to share The Top 20 tips which will increase your Google Adsense earning for sure.These Google Adsense tips are highly professional so it will guarantee increase your revenue.

1.Follow the Rules If Not Get Banned:
This is the biggest mistake which publishers usually do. They never read the TOS (Terms of Service) thinking that it will not effect there earning. But as we all know Google is really big organization, to make your blog a big empire you need to follow what Google says. Google Adsense rules are getting so much strict that if you will violate a single rule you have to face the detention in form of getting banned. So its better to follow the rules and regulations to keep on continuing with Adsense.

2.Placing Ads on in Your Header:
Google adsense works on Pageviews, CTR and Ad clicks. If you will place your Google Adsense ad banner in your header the ad banner would receive 100 percent coverage from the blog as it will be appearing on each and every page of your blog. This will not only increase the chances of earning but it will make your CTR% as low as possible.

3.Use Adsense in RSS:
If you have good amount of RSS reader and RSS email subscribers then you can choose Adsense for feeds which will monetize your RSS FEEDS which will bring extra revenue.

4.Selecting Correct Ad Location:
You should keep your ads besides your header or even below your header as it will receive the 100% coverage from the audience. Never use Ads in middle of your content as it annoy readers.

5.Customizing your Ads:
Its important to make your Google Ads look a like your website. Adsense allows you to customize the background color, text style, font color  to make your ads resemble with your website.

6.Use Banners And Ad Unit:
To receive the maximum earning from Google Adsense. You should use the multiple Ads Banner and Ads Unit to maximize your earning.

7.Publish Fresh Content:
To earn more with Google Adsense you need to post fresh content to your blog which will not only increase your earning but it will also bring targeted traffic to your blog.

8.Using all possible features of Adsense:
You should take advantages of all the features that Google adsense offers to increase your revenue like Google For Search, Google For Feeds and even producing your tutorial videos at YouTube could also increase your Adsense revenue.

9.Promote your site with Google Adwords:
You must use Google AdWords to bring targeted audience to your blog which will increase your traffic with Adsense earning.

10.Using Image and Text Ads together:
Instead of choosing Text ads you should select both Text and Banner ads. It will increase your Adsense earning really rapidly because it will display both text and high rich media advertisements.

11.Posting Google Friendly Content:
Content is the only thing which makes a publisher differ from other and this is the reason why Google Adsense also gives importance to  content.If your don't have fresh content then why some one would love to stay at your blog.If you provide the best information to your visitors then every one would love to visit your blog.

12.Creating Unique Content:
Creating unique content is the key to increase your Adsense earning.If you post the same content then the chances are very high that you may not receive the hits that you are expecting because the information which you had shared is already present every where on the internet.

13.Selecting the correct keywords:
If you have noised this,when you are reading a certain post at any website which is using Google Adsense then you will be able to see only those ads which are related to content like if you are on Sports blog and the post is related to cricket then the ads will be related to Sports.So from this example I just want to say that selecting the correct keywords have a big role in Google Adsense.

14.High Paying Ads:
You must discover on what niche you should blog because keywords has great impact in Google Adsense. If your blog has low quality keywords then you will not get the enough revenue from Google Adsense.So make sure you post a high quality content to get illegible for displaying High paying ads

15.Regular Posting:
Keep on posting fresh and new content so your blog gets all possible ads from Google Adsense. If you failed to do so then you might face decline in your Earning

16. Maintain Good Traffic:
Traffic is most important,if you want to increase your Adsense income your blog must require good traffic.To increase traffic see our traffic tips

17.Love Google,Adsense will love back:
Never get dishearten from Google Adsense, keep your believe on Adsense, always choose Google Adsense as your first option when ever it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

18.Work with Hubpages To earn more:
You can make more money with your Google Adsense account by using many popular websites like HubPages, Flickr and etc which allows you to monetize your content with your new or pre-existing Google Adsense account

19.Block Low Quality Ads

20.Wait for the right time:
No man in the world get rich over night,so to maximize your Adsense earning you must wait for the right time.Just wait for the time when you get the maximum traffic and when you feel its time then publish your ads to get the maximum earning out of your blog.

So these were the Top 20 Tips  which can maximize your Google Adsense Revenue,These tips were highly professional you must apply these tips to see your Adsense earning flying till then peace, blessing and happy earning

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to Improve Alexa Ranking in Very Less Time

The is a web information company that collects the traffic data of all websites existing on the internet. The main focus of Alexa on the sites is: content, traffic, links etc. Alexa determine usually a traffic rank for each and every website or blog. The alexa rank doesn’t belong to Page rank or any other ranking algorithm  This just means, the traffic you receive  the links you have and the content you have on your website. But, webmasters always look forward to increase their alexa ranking as much as possible. Today we will discuss how can we increase our alexa ranking in very less. These tips and suggestions are tested by myself and I would really love you if you implement them.

How to Improve Alexa Rank?
In order to improve alexa ranking you must follow some basic rules that Alexa algorithm is running on. The alexa ranking system works mostly on traffic statics of a website or blog. So this is the main element, but other elements are also now important. Alexa rank is now updated every day for each website. Following are some tips you can implement to improve your site’s ranking:
# 1. Website Design
The design is the first thing which is liked by alexa. If you have a very user friendly and simple design for your blog then alexa will rank you better than complicated sites. Just make sure your blog’s design loads faster.

# 2. Unique Content
Content is the king in all terms, Alexa also loves those websites which have unique and original content. Alexa rank will be so good if you have great content on your blog.

# 3. Updating Content
If you update your blog regularly with new content then your alexa rank will be boosted every day. Publishing new content means to insure the improvement in alexa ranking on daily bases.

# 4. Create Backlinks
Alexa also loves quality backlinks, especially if you have backlinks on sites which have good alexa ranking than you. your alexa rank will be increasing dramatically.

# 5. Install Alexa Tool Bar
This is another trick that can increase your alexa ranking. Alexa provides a tools bar to all, so if one having Alexa tool bar installed visits your site, will increase your ranking enough.

# 6. Alexa Widget
You can increase your alexa ranking dramatically, if you insert Alexa widget into your blog. This is very simple and you can get alexa widget for your blog by visiting your account in Alexa.

# 7. Time Frequency
This also helps you increasing Alexa rank if you post your content to your blog in frequency. Alexa updates its servers once a day, so make sure you update your blog on a fixed time, so alexa will also update your ranking. A recommended time is 12:05AM.

These were some basic tips for increasing Alexa Ranking, however, you can ask questions if you have confusions in comment section… Stay updated..

Sunday, 6 April 2014

5 Easy Tips To Improve Your On-Page SEO

Having a website that gets noticed is very important for most businesses. You want your site to stand out from the crowd and attract visitors. But this can be a challenge. However, there are some simple ways that you can improve your On page SEO to make your site do some of the legwork for you.
Below Are Five Tips To Improve Your On-Page SEO

1. Make Your Titles Strong
How you word your titles is important for your site. Titles are the first thing Google pulls into the search result listings. You want titles that are eye-catching and interesting enough that they want to read on, but also include the keywords people are searching for. A strong title will not only signify to your readers that the Web page is relevant to their needs; it will tell search engines, too.

2. Keep Your URLs Clean
Search engines look at more than just the content of your website that visitors will likely pay attention to, and that includes your website's URL. If your URL is full of odd numbers and letters rather than keywords, it isn’t as meaningful for users or search engines.
If you have a page about the diamond necklaces your business sells, be sure the URL ends in something containing diamond necklaces, rather than what amounts to gibberish. For example, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the URL rather than ?

3. Compress Your Photos
You don't want your website to load slowly, which is perhaps the strongest argument for compressing your photos, since a photo with a smaller file size will load more quickly than a larger one. When it comes to search engines, the same is true for them: they don't want a page to load slowly and search engines. Page load speed is a factor in search engine rankings.
As an increasing amount of time access the Web via a mobile device, it is important to have a Web page that loads quickly. Studies have shown that this can play a big role in a site’s success.

4. Make The Case In Your Description
You have the opportunity to create a short description of your Web page, and this is the perfect place to convey to the user why they should visit your page and use the important keywords they are searching for. This also helps search engines return better results.
In your description, you don't want to keyword dump here, since it will turn away people and the internal programs in search engines alike. Just ensure that your description has the important keywords in sentences that correctly describe your page.

5. Link Internally
It is always smart website design to link to other articles and sections of your site, since it helps visitors find other, related content on your site. One of the SEO benefits, however is the text you use to create the links (called anchor text) can include important keywords that will help the SEO for those linked sites, as it provides search engines with more information on the content of those pages.

How To Replace Post a Comment Text with Image in Blogger

I know, you like very much to receive comment(s) from your valuable readers in your blog after reading a post. You can attract viewers more to comment on your blog by displaying an unique message or an image in comment headline. By default, blogger set this message as "Post a Comment".
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to replace "Post a Comment" with a different message or an image just above at your blogger comment box.

Steps To Replace "Post A Comment" In Blogger Blog
First log in to your Blogger blog.
Click your blog title.
Click Template from left side menu
Backup your Template before making any changes.
Click Edit HTML.
Press Ctrl+F and search the code below: <data:postCommentMsg/>

Note:-If you will find this code twice time or more, then you have to replace all <data:postCommentMsg/>.

Now replace this above code with your own message such as..

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

After replacing, click Save Template and you are done. Reload your blog to see a new message or a new image in Post a comment place.

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